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Our Product's Strength


Cut-Type Seasoned seaweed

for Family Packing


Carefully selected raw seaweeds(lavers) are seasoned and roasted twice, and cut into the proper size to be packed in plastice containers.

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Cut-type Seasoned for Mini Packing


This products feature smaller size than Small_packing seaweed so as to enjoy conveniently.



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Full-Size Seasoned Seaweed



Carefully selected raw seaweeds(lavers) and roated twice without cutting, and then packed.


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Dried Seaweed

& Unseasoned Seaweed


Lavers harvested ftom the clean waters of the korea western Sea are dried without roasting and seasoning to preserve the seaweed's(laver's) uniqe flavor.

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Cut-type Seasone Seaweed

for Small Packing


This products feature smaller size than Family_packing seaweed so as to enjoy conveniently.


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Yaki Sushi Nori (Onigiri)


Nori is familiar in the USA and other countries as an ingredient of sushi, being referred to as "nori" (as the Janpanese do) or simply as seaweed.

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All about Dried Laver

Orgin of Seaweed

Laver is also spelled as kim, is the Korean word for edible seaweed in the genus Porphyra

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Seasoned Laver Nutritional Information

Main ingredients of dried laver are sugar content and protein.

Protein contents are the most among seaweeds and are more than soy bean.

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Dried Seaweed's effect

- Contain Taurine : Around 1.2 ~ 1. 6g contains in 100g dried laver, Cholesterol decrease, Strengthen the liver, Nerve agitation relaxation

- Contain EPA(Eicosapentaenoic Acid) : effective to Stroke

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Method of Dried Seaweed Storage

Moisture is the biggest enemy of dried laver. If moisture percolates dried laver, it turned purplish-black color into red-purple color.  Dried laver's characteristic color is purplish-black.  When it turned into red-purple color, it means that the taste and flavor away.

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